A Darker Beauty

A place to admire dark, surreal, and fantasy artwork from the amazing artists on DeviantArt, among other online galleries.

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mikeyeomanphotography asked: Hey, I love your blog! It's got some really awesome inspiration! (:

Thank you so much! I really enjoy hand picking all these incredible works from Deviantart, there is such a variety of talent there. It just takes time to look. I’m glad you appreciate the effort I put into this blog!


Moments of Joy by alkab-art


Hide your face by JaiMcFerran
Tenebris by octobre-rouge
Lovers Revenge by Wesley-Souza

The Last Dawn by thatstranger95

My latest piece! For more of my work, feel free to check out my gallery on Deviantart by clicking the link next to the title of my piece.
Imagination by Nikulina-Helena
Going Under by AndyGarcia666

captivityisevilandwrong asked: hi want to be friends

Perhaps? I didn’t think there was a friend system on Tumblr.


Confused by bakerGFXislamicDSner


Eternally Yours… by J-u-d-a-s
Red Riding Hood by MichelVictor
Must See: An Unexpected Twist to Red Riding Hood
This artist does amazingly animated, digitally painted portraits of fantasy characters that you can interact with. Follow the link and continue to click on her portrait until you get to the golden eyes (one more click). I bet you’ll never see it coming!